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This is our Third online Auction so, you will have to bear with us until we get all the bugs worked out.





Old City Hall Auction Gallery is a subsidiary of our parent company MJ Welch Auctioneers & Appraisers


1. You can Register by clicking on my link:  MJ Welch Auctioneers & Appraisers.

  Over a thousand pictures & complete catalog can be seen after you register


2. You can Bid on Line with you computer, ipad or iphone.


NOTE:  For better viewing purchase a 'HDMI to HDMI' cable (they come in 6' to 15' lengths) & watch on your TV (or you can set up wireless).  You can find them at any Walmart.

            You plug one end (HDMI) into your computer and the other end into any HDMI ports on the back of your TV.  Then you go to you TV Remote & push the input button to go to the HDMI port for your computer to TV. 

             Keep pushing until you get on the same HDMI port you plugged into on the TV.  Wait a few seconds & you will be watching what's on you computer.

            After the Auction reverse the process to go back to your regular TV setting (usually HDMI 1) 


3. FLORIDA BUYERS can use our Truck to bring items back at little or no charge depending what we bring back.

  You will have to get your items off our truck within 3 days of our arrival or you will be charged $25 per day storage. 



STARTS @ 1pm




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