Lot# 204

 Signed Baseballs

My provenance should be printed out and go with the balls. The signatures of the other balls have faded because

they were put for ‘safe’ keeping in a plastic bag and I think may have done them damage.

But Joe DiMaggio’s signature is still readable on one ball and Reggie Jackson’s is on the other.

-Barry Volkman


Joe DiMaggio Value  $600-700

Reggie Jackson Value $100-125

Phil Rizzuto     Value $150-250

Mel Allen        Value $250-650

(legendary broadcaster)


There is a very unusual ball which has yellow and reds smudges on it.

The previous Sunday’s Old timers day Phil Rizzuto was playing shortstop for the Yankees Old-timers when a ball was hit to him. He was wearing his bifocals and misjudged a grounder directly at him which popped up and hit him in the nose which bled a little. His broadcast buddy, Bill White, later the president of the National league, came up with a blank ball and was beginning to decorate the ball with Ketchup and mustard as a memorial to the event. That’s when we showed up to the little commissary near to the locker rooms. Because of my son’s disability and his help with the redesigning and engineer with the plans to make Old Yankee Stadium accessible as possible he was given entré to the elevator and the nether regions of the stadium. We were greeted by Mr. White and he explained that he was doctoring the ball to give to Phil. Then he changed his mind, signed the ball and gave it to us. Then the rest of the broadcast crew came in and signed the ball. On our way out—wonder of wonders—there in the elevator was the legendary broadcaster, ”the voice of the New York Yankees”, Mel Allen. He too signed the ball. So it is a most unique ball.

—Barry Volkman





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